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. we have a new facebook scandal, this one has nothing to do with privacy, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area coverage starts right now. good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning december 24th, i am pam cook. >> happy christmas eve, let's get a quick look at traffic and weather, rosemary is in for steve. >> good morning, and to those of you out there, what are you doing up so early, we do have a dry day in store this morning, a cooler start and a little bit of patchy fog to contend with and still this, areas of sonoma county, we continue to watch the rushing river and it continues to rise and is not expected to flood but it will be near monitor stage. so we are watching this and i
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will have more on this coming up and i will have a look at your temperatures coming up as well. good morning, rosemary orozco back to tara moriarty. >> right behalf hospital curve, that is near the caesar chavez so be aware of it and we are flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour. let's go back to the desk. a west and rescue operation is underway and police say it all started when they pulled over a suspected drunk driver right near college avenue in fairfax. this is video from the scene we are just getting. the suspect just took off on foot and they saw the man jump into a nearby creek. search and rescue teams have been looking into the water and it is still unclear if he was in the was the he error -- water or if he did get away.
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storm watch monitoring the borders of east palo alto and menlo park. janine de la vega joins us live from a creek that overflowed, good morning. >> reporter: well the san francisco creek has definitely receded and the water is flowing well but you see that mark, it was just below the white, a foot below that so it has definitely receded. let's go to video, you can see just how high water came up near the creek. it nearly crested at westshore bay road and there were several areas that flooded. police helped to keep many away from the rising water and many used sandbags to keep the water from their homes. >> we parked and i got my rain boots on and i came here and up
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saw like everything was out and right here there was like a river. >> this is what the southbound lanes look like north of embarcadero. the chp was helping most wrists -- motorists navigate and chp ended up opening an emergency shelter for residents who were affected by the storm. by 11:45 last night, they ended up leaving and back out here live, the situation seems to be back to normal and the water here at the creek is definitely down. it is not raining with all the roads, they are just so wet but no more flooding. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> they are still underway at san francisco national airport and right now there are no delays to report but that was not the case yesterday when
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passengers saw delays from one to two hours. if you are headed there, give yourself some extra time and 1 to 200,000 passengers are expected today. you can head to our website for more information just look for hot topics. and it has reopened in san mateo county. that roadway was closed due to roxanne a downed -- rocks and a downed power line. fremont is also backup but was closed because of flooding caused by clogged storm drains. snow is still covering many roads in the mountains. you are taking a live look at interstate 880 in theee era. -- in the sierra. more snow as rosemary orozco is expected to talk about but only light snow showers are expected this morning. and take a look in reno
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nevada yesterday. several were reported and was at a complete standstill. drivers are being asked to leave themselves extra time especially if they are headed to the mountains. and from your smart phone or tablet, go to our website or download the app. it was filed to indicate the social media giant funneled millions of dollars into an irish sister company which was then transferred -- transferred. it is known as a double irish where large payments are transferred in order to pay lower taxes. and in the deadly san bruno explosion, the san francisco chronicle reports the money will pay for regulatory charges but they fear a criminal
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charge. so consumer groups turned down the deal, eight people died, 38 homes were destroyed in the 2010 explosion. some city offices will be closed due to the christmas eve holiday. san carlos is closed through january 22nd and all bay area city offices are expected to close tomorrow for the christmas holiday. bay area post offices will close but post office says most locations will close at noon but male delivery will be delivered quickly and post offices will be closed on new year's day. who is checking bart, is it on holiday schedule? >> that is right and tomorrow as well will be on holiday schedule and trains will be 20 minutes apart if you have to get out and about on christmas day. right now we will look at 880 southbound, we have this accident which has cleared over
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to the shoulder, fedex versus a car and i just want to make you aware of it. in contra costa, highway 4 through bay point, westbound, you can see no problems as you drive towards concord. no delays towards the contra costa -- caldecott tunnel and into orinda it looks good and traffic is looking great in all directions, let's move to rosemary orozco. mostly clear, cool and a we are dry, that system -- and we are dry. we are waking up with patches of fog over the north bay. you may encounter that getting out early this morning but that will be burning off mid- morning. this rain is out of here but we remain with one concern and the rushing river continue to rise
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and will throughout the morning so we are tracking that for you and i will have that for you in just a moment. this is the next storm that will bring us some rain, not today but it will be here in time for christmas. hillsboro, you are in great shape, sitting at 29 to 30 feet. you are in monitor stage and we will actually crest right about 11:00 because it is fairly close to flood stage. the national service has again issued a flood watch for parts of sonoma county. headlines for the rest of us, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler, mostly sunny and a cooler afternoon is in store and forecast shows wet weather in time for christmas. 49 in san francisco. 49 mountain view, livermore antioch checking in around 48 and mid-40s for you fairfield. temperatures are right about the seasonal average, 53 in
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concord and napa will have a cool day and we will have sunshine and it feels pretty good out there and a nice winter's quiet day. rain is lasting from tuesday into wednesday. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy on saturday. afternoon highs in the mid-50s. i will have a timeline of tomorrow's rain coming up. well, we are counting down the final hours until christmas day. we will be in good company if you are headed off to the mall today. he didn't die on the front lines, what officials are saying about their investigation. here is a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is looking good in both directions and we will tell you about the incident coming up in traffic. well, well, well.
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. a military official says his death is being investigated as a suspected suicide. a deadly attack with more than 100 victims and activists say planes bombed a bakery in western syria where people had been waiting for bread for almost a week. many people died and hospitals
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can't handle all the victims. the mother accused of planning a school shooting said she did not believe he had any reason to believe he would carry out the attack. she said he may have been experiencing severe mood swings when he asked other students to take part in the attack. they used school computers to research the columbine shooting and found a photograph of students which had been cut from a newspaper at his home. and they have been reinstated after prosecutors cleared her in her husband's death. they will be back in 2013 andrew national headlines -- and drew national headlines after her husband's death. her husband's body was found back in april. suicide rates are usually the lowest in december and they
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normally peak in spring and fall. suicides still remain a serious problem in our country with more than 36,000 people taking their lives each year. chevron is moving from bay area to texas. it is at san ramon headquarters and 800 jobs are going to houston. chevron said they did want to remain headquartered at san ramon and the shift will take place over the next two years. crab fishing will have to wait two more weeks to set their traps. for the third time they delayed crab fishing in humboldt counties. they show the crabs were not ready and the season was set to open on december 1 but the opening date cannot be delayed beyond january 15thth. they are getting free help
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from tech tools. some people have focused designs to help muni with testing. one of the most promising features a map from buses to trains from passengers. for now it is being tried out from the station. 5:15 let's take a look at traffic with tara, here is more. we are operating on a normal schedule and trains will be running 20 minutes apart so make a note of it if you need to get outdoors. a live look at the golden gate bridge, it is wet but traffic is flowing nicely at this hour. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we don't have too much traffic but you can see people again are headed into san francisco. your commute looks pretty good. finally 680 in sunole, this is the sunole grade in fremont and southbound is looking good. 5:15 here is rosemary orozco.
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waking up a little foggy but no rain is falling and we are done with that system. the winds as well have died and gone away and we have calm conditions. fairfield is 10 miles per hour and with clear skies overhead, we are a lot colder this morning and we have fog developing in some areas. temperatures right now, we have 40s around the bay, 47 in fso, 40 in concord, several degrees cooler than where we were 24 hours ago at this time, 38 in napa, 30 degrees 39 in novato. so again, the system is moving out and we have a few scattered showers this morning and by tomorrow another system is moving in. we'll see some rain or we have anywhere from an inch to a quarter inch of rain and if you are planning this, a winter storm watch has been set up by
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the national weather service and that will move into place as well. so here we are, just a little bit of patchy fog, touch call in santa rosa, down about a quarter mile, it is christmas eve and we have clouds moving in tomorrow morning with cloud cover overhead, not as cold perhaps. as we get into the afternoon, we have light showers falling along the peninsular and coastline, by 2:00 scattered showers around the central portions of the bay area, steady rain in the north and we will sweep through for the second half of the afternoon leaving us scattered showers for christmas night as well as wednesday morning. scattered showers as well. low 50s for the afternoon, 50 in berkeley and hayward. down into south bay, 55 morgan view, sorry about that, here is your extended forecast. partly cloudy skies today, turning mostly cloudy, rain moving in the second half of
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the afternoon, thursday we are dry, friday, increasing clouds but at this point it looks like we will remain dry into your weekend. i'll take a look at sunday's total rainfalls coming up. stock prices are flat in the united kingdom, france and spain and they are the only ones opening and they all closed early and the others closed completely. they ended with mixed results but slight gains are working through the masses. they closed at 10:00 a.m. pacific time but we are in for a big drop, futures are falling as the worries over the fiscal cliff continues and we will get you closer to the opening bell and we will have a closer indication of where they will start. if you have some shopping to do, you are not alone. 10% of all americans say they will be at the malls today and
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they are open. they actually like the energy of shopping right up into the last minute. i must say they hate the crowds but they couldn't get out to the stores any sooner. >> okay, good luck to you. it is the last full week for the explore tore yum and -- for exploring and that's because they will move to pier 15. the operation is scheduled for january 22nd and the mission will be free and the new location is schedule to open on january 15thth. >> you have to go. >> yes, i will check it out. 5:19, a new school in the south bay will teach more than english science and math, why students are expected to do their job. and we have a golden opportunity to clinch the division title. and you can wake up every
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morning and get the morning's top stories sent straight to your cell phone and you can get your wake-up call by texting the word wake up to 70123. o?oowq
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. it will require students to earn a new tuition.
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san jose was recently proved and will open in 2014. students will attend class four days a week and work one day a week. it averages about 10,000 dollars a year and students typically come from low-income families and more than 80 percent attend colleges. there are more than 08 colleges across the country. and they are requiring lawmakers to reimburse for their own cars. until last tees, the state paid to lease cars for them. sacramento bee reports the savings came because lawmakers go fewer miles than they had in the past. 23 of the lawmakers did not ask the state to reimburse them at all. well they are hoping to ease gridlock. mi. the and uc berkeley used anonymous towers to track
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driving patterns. they have learned that drivers from san rafael, san ramon seem to contribute most of the problems in the bay area. -- congestion in the bay area. >> we'll see what we need to do to alleviate the congestion. >> the data will be used to decide where to place metering lights and where to run them. they are retiring ridership rates. many are moving from at&t to the park this season and this is the third straight year the ferry service has had ferry service. 49ers could not clench the nfc, instead they were rivaled by the seahawks. they stepped down by cal, martian lynch scored the first two and in the second quarter, the field goal is blocked, the
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ball is ran back for a touchdown and they are now dropped to the 3 seed and they will not have a first round biif they win this weekend. cam newton put the panthers on the board early with a touchdown pass to smith. carlson palmer had to leave the game after a hard hit by greg hardy. matt took over and he led the raiders to a field goal on the next drive but was interaccepted on the -- intercepted on the second -- in the second quarter. tara moriarty is in forecast cast. i know there is not a lot of people out there yet. >> yes, except for people like us. >> yeah. >> pam is right, we don't have too much going on, on the roadways and that's the good news. let's take a look outside and you can see the 280 split, you
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can see traffic is moving nicely as you make your way towards santa clara. at the sunole grade, this is near fremont, southbound, you can see it is flowing very well. and falling on the right-hand side of your clean, they are going towards the bay bridge and we don't have any backups to report and usually it changes around 6:00 a.m. and that remains to be seen since it is sort of a holiday. let's check in with rosemary orozco. good morning, we are looking at a fine day, partly cloudy skies, we have a little bit of patchy fog, that is about it and satellight radar shows another storm off to the east, not for today but we'll see more rain on christmas. at this hour we have visibility down a half mile and we continue to watch the rushing river through sunrise but we will remain with in that
5:28 am
monitoring stage. totals are anywhere from an inch to two ins for most of the bay area -- two inches for most of the bay area. upper 40s to mid-50s and right now it is chilly, mid-40s in mountain view and oakland so bundle up and i will have your extend forecast coming up. -- extended forecast coming up. we continue to follow breaking news in marin county where a search and rescue effort is underway. we will tell you how a traffic stop turned into a much larger situation. plus thousands of bay area nurses could walk off the job. they are tracking another busy travel day, and many are headed home. stay tuned.
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. welcome back, i am brian flores in for dave clark, he has the morning off. my mom is watching. >> good morning, mom. >> she didn't want us to feel alone. >> we have one viewer. well, outside for today, we have a good looking day, dry conditions, mostly clear skies, we will be a little cool but it is winter and we are dealing with still some of the after
5:32 am
math of yesterday's storms in parts of sonoma county and minor flooding is taking place on boeheim highway and the rest of us are dry but cool and i will have a look at more and what you can expect, good morning tara. you can see traffic on the right-hand side as folks drive towards foster city you will not experience any delays. you can see we don't have any backup and that's the good news. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. we understand a search and rescue effort is underway. alex joins us from fairfax just moments on what investigators are so concerned about.
5:33 am
>> reporter: they are trying to find a suspected drunk driver who ran from police at a traffic stop and ran to cordova creek. let me show you the video early on when police were searching for this man with a boat in a cold creek with fast moving water. it began with a police traffic stop nearby, this man was suspected of dwi but when police tried to pull him over he started running from officers, eventually jumped over the fence and officers lost site of him when he jumped into the creek and they are very concerned about his wellbeing. >> we are concerned for the person's safety, the water was swift and there was a cement carrier where he was last seen and we are worried he could
5:34 am
have drowned. >> reporter: police do not know what happened to the man. they spent time searching the waters of this creek trying to find him with no luck and what they have done is temporarily called off that search and planned on bringing in a dive team and that team will go under water and see if they can locate this man's body. police are not saying who this man is but he was wanted for drunk driving, pulled over for a traffic stop, ran from police and police are still searching for him, live in marin county, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. allie rasmus is live at fso with information on how many passengers could be there and are expecting some problems. >> reporter: there are no delays to report, a very different story when we had one to two hour delays with 80
5:35 am
cancellations and it was because of all that heavy rain, of course it is not raining at all and things are a lot less chaotic. you can see coming up to terminal 2, they are getting ready to arrive for their flights. the security checkpoint is now open. the line was moving nicely and it was not very crowded around 5:00. but it is expected to get more crowded today. 130,000 people are expected to pass through the national airport and that makes it one of busiest days of the season. we are asking them why they decided to travel on christmas eve instead of over the weekend. >> it is crazy actually. it is like a $300 difference between one day of travel and it is really crazy. >> i picked 24th because it was $250 less than what it was on tuesday and it was obviously a
5:36 am
good choice to do it. >> reporter: now over an entire two week holiday period people are expected to pass through fso but again travel conditions are good and there are no cancellations to tell you about, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the storm has knocked out power to almost 2000 people in the bay area. they are reporting 500,000 outages and 223 homes in sonoma county and 576 in napa county. the river rose more than a foot above flood stage last night and the water did start to level off this morning. many more roads were closed by high water yesterday and high winds and rain knocked a tree
5:37 am
into a house. the rain as well opened a sinkhole on the road. >> we need to get our heads above the water and get a break and fix some of the problems that we do have out there. >> reporter: road and utility crews say it could take a few weeks to fix all the problems caused by the storm. many people in the sierra say they could have a white christmas. plows have been working overtime to help clear roads clear for holiday travelers. roads have been shut down many times after the roads became too dangerous and many people were stranded for several hours. >> we are just singing songs and keeping busy. >> trying to get home for christmas. >> more snow is expected to fall in the sierra today but only a small amount. if you still need to make a trip up to the mountain but
5:38 am
remember you have to get those chains. and during the holiday rush, just go to ktvu channel 2 morning -- or download the app. police are investigating a fatal shooting. a man was shot and killed just before 8:30 last night. right now police do not know what led up to the shooting and they are still investigating the motive. it is the city's 126th homicide of the year. thousands of nurses are expected to walk off the job. close to 5,000 nurses are planning on holding a one day strike. nurses at sutter health are at odds on health benefits and pick itsing is scheduled to start at 7:00 a.m. happening now, the bar in san francisco is getting ready for its unwrapped toy drive. it will be on gary street and union square. you don't even have to get out
5:39 am
of your car, somebody will pick up your donation from the sidewalk. and cab drivers will pick up your donation for free. and it will be special, breakfast starts at 7:00 and lunch is a much richer than normal meal, it will feature prime rib. house of prime rib is donating a lot of meat. and in the curbside donation drive, they are collecting 400,000 hams to feed many tomorrow. donations will start at golden gate avenue. let's check in with tara moriarty who is in forecast cast today. -- for sal castaneda. we have a mudslide on san pablo avenue and this is in a neighborhood called tara hills, what do you know.
5:40 am
also sky hill on pinehurst and both lanes are blocked there and finally parkway boulevard, we have a tree branch blocking one of the lanes there. >> and towards concord on 680, no problems to report and at the bay bridge toll plaza, you have a nice commute into san francisco this morning. finally near 880, you can see traffic is flowing nicely and traffic southbound as you make your way towards hayward. here is rosemary orozco. taking a recess from the rain. we have a dry day in store for your christmas eve and this is what will come on christmas day. we are still dealing with the flooding, minor flooding in and around the rushing river as well as other areas and the river will rise and another
5:41 am
foot to go by 11:00 this morning and we will remain in monitoring stage w that, the national weather service as issued a flood watch for that area and parts of sonoma county. we are dry, partly cloudy skies, without those clouds we are a lot cooler, nothing to insulate us. the next system approaches by tomorrow, mostly cloudy by tonight mostly and the rain is bringing us from an inch to a quarter inch and sunday's storm is enough to get us wet. mid-40s and napa and santa rosa, in and around the north bay, dealing with patchy fog, visibility a half mile in santa rosa at this time. 53 for concord, 55 in san jose, 53 for passive can and light -- pacifica and light winds and clouding it up tonight, tomorrow morning waking up with the clouds, showers arrive by
5:42 am
noontime if the storm continues on its path and we will continue to see it christmas night. showers remain in the forecast wednesday morning, partly cloudy skies on thursday and we are dry for the weekend. i will have a look at that forecast model coming up. a city once known for its high crime could be no longer. other cities are starting to surpass their crime rate. . they are calling for stronger gun control and one local church is making sure their voices are heard. traffic in milpitas is looking good and we will have a look at your traffic in further detail coming up.
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. a winter wind and it is cool out there. search and rescue operation is underway in marin county. police in fairfax tried to pull over a suspected drunk driver when he took off by foot. he jumped in to a nearby creek with swift waters and so far they have only been searching by boat and this afternoon dive teams will be called in to help. and in east palo alto and menlo park, at one point as many as 100 people left the surrounding neighborhoods. 1 20,000 passengers are expected at fso today. right now there are no significant delays to report and passengers saw delays one to two hours due to weather.
5:46 am
san francisco is dealing with rising homicides. one place in richmond has seen a decrease in homicides. more than 18 people have been killed and that's down 45 from a year ago. a community effort is kicked off to stop violence when the city declared a state of emergency after a deadly summer in 2005. it has been more than a week since the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary school but people across the country want to ban guns. hundreds of people gathered on the brooklyn bridge last night to honor the lives lost in connecticut and they are hoping to send a message to capitol hill. and meanwhile, the n ra wants to put armed guards on campus.
5:47 am
>> if it is crazy to call for putting police and armed security to protect our children, then call me crazy. >> many people say putting armed guards in schools is crazy. they are calling for action to prevent gun violence. >> actor and activists danny glover, formally from president barack obama's church were the guests of honor and they say there has been too much violence over the past year. >> it is time for people to put their guns down and get with the times now and get more people to stop all the violence. >> a group of san francisco leaders met with the mayor last week to discuss what they could do to address gun violence and
5:48 am
they are hoping for more similar meetings in the future. meanwhile they are getting more over the fiscal cliff. there is still no deal. congress has left for christmas vacation and now it looks like the lawmaker's last hope and others say the country will fall off the cliff. >> if we allow that to happen, it will be the most colossal consequential act of congressional you are responsibility in a long time. >> president barack obama is in hawaii for christmas. he said he will cut his vacation short to hammer out a deal. he will prevent automatic tax hikes from taking affect on january 1st. police in virginia arrested a u.s. senator from driving under the influence. he is apologizing to the people of idaho and to his family. he was taken into custody after
5:49 am
failing a field sobriety test. he is a member of the mormon church which does not allow members to use alcohol coffee or tea. he said he will take whatever punishment is handed down. the dui crackdown continues here in the bay. several fatal crashes have already been reported and how this year's number will -- and we will have more on how this year's number will compare to last year. >> tara? >> bart is operating on a normal schedule but it will be on a holiday schedule and trains are running about 20 minutes apart. we want to show you maps, these are the things we were talking about and we have a lane blocked in san pablo low avenue -- san pablo avenue north and we have a look at pinehurst,
5:50 am
there is a mudslide there as well. and highway 13, we have a tree blocking one of the lanes. at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely and normal at 6:00 we start to see some backup but there is no evidence of that whatsoever and hopefully it will stay this way the whole morning. and in san jose, traffic is looking good in both directions. here is rosemary orozco. clear and colder this morning, you can see only fairfield reporting a 10-mile- per-hour breeze and a gentle breeze, nothing to insulate us, temperatures are falling. 39 in livermore, 41 in novato, 47 fso, 49 in ashtabula. 37 in san rafael. also watching a little bit of
5:51 am
-- santa rosa -- 37 in santa rosa. patchy in hayward as well as san jose, this fog will be with us but you can see we have no rain and this storm has pushed to the east which we have scattered showers over parts of the sierra. you don't have to go too far, you can see the leading edge and the rain is way back here and this is the leading edge that will arrive. we are mostly sunny and dry and by this evening, clouds are overhead and tomorrow morning we wake up with clouds and by lunchtime, there is that rain turning into a steady rain for the second half of the afternoon. christmas night, we have scattered showers and those showers will remain into wednesday morning. here is what you can expect, partly cloudy skies and cool, 55 redwood city, mid-50s in and around palo alto and there is the extended forecast, rain is
5:52 am
developing on christmas day and then we are drying it out and at this point it looks like we will remain dry into your weekend and temperatures remain into the upper 30s and 50s for the afternoon. back to the desk. investors are wore bread peteing the -- worried about beating the fiscal cliff deadline. they are worried about threatening a downtown. gas prices are at the average price of $3.25 per gallon and gas prices are a bit more expensive in the bay area. that is more than a dime cheaper in oakland, san jose and santa rosa and down almost a dollar 20 from the record set back in october. >> my name is bilbo baggins. >> the hobbit is an unexpected
5:53 am
journey and remains number one and made twice as much as tom cruz's movie. >> i have a lot of catches up to do. >> i want to see lincoln. >> yes, but rise of the guardians i heard is good too. heavy snow is covering both holiday joy and frustrations. and we are tracking santa, he is already on his way on his trek around the world. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. welcome back on this christmas eve, dry conditions are in store, a little bit of patchy fog but with a cool start. our coverage continues where rain caused mudslides and evac wakes. chp responded to a mudslide on highway 17 near sugar loaf road and parts of highway 9 were also closed due to flooding. a strong system dumped more than a foot of snow could make for a white christmas. heavy snow has fallen in the east coast and it is causing headaches for highway travelers
5:57 am
and the region could get a few more inches before christmas day. they are cracking down on drunk drivers this weekend. they reported 3 fatal crashes and 111 drunk driving arrests. they had to cancel because of the heavy rain and officers were put out to patrol the roads to find drivers who were a danger to themselves and to others. people may have a little bit of alcohol on board plus they are driving way over the speed limit. >> so far this year, there have been 15 crashes around the state. chp says total deaths related to drunk driving have been dropping in california for the last few years. the football teams arrived to prepare for the hunger bowl. the players will serve christmas meals at the church and the bowl game sponsors will
5:58 am
donate three meals for each ticket sold. the games are this saturday at at&t park. well, it is christmas eve and santa has begun his travel around the world. let's go ahead and take a live look at where he is now and he is in japan, so he is delivering the gifts and this year norad has partnered to help snow santas stops around the world and we will show you exactly where he is at. >> okay, my kids always look forward to watching it. let's check in with tara for traffic. we had couple of incidents with mudslides and right now we will take a live look at the 280 split. traffic northbound as you drive towards santa clara, we don't have any delays and this is a look at 680 on the right-hand side of your screen.
5:59 am
traffic is flowing well. coming up at the 6:00 hour, the powerful storm in north dakota is causing -- nevada is causing concern and led to flooding. a rescue search is underway for a suspected drunk driver. and i will have a timeline coming up for your holiday. stay tuned.

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